Monday, October 4, 2010

A Word from The Creator

Well, it is October. What will be my "highlight" for 2010?

Last year it was the Martha Stewart Show. In 2001 in was FamilyFun Magazine. In between those years I grew Kid's Crafts. So far, this year I debuted Big Cats (both Tigers & Lions), Chocolate Charmers/Strawberries and The Coloring Book Oven. The Tigers didn't make the playoffs and it does not look as if the Lions will win a game (according to Cliff)! I got bored making the chocolates/strawberries but have since re-visited them (i.e. made chocolate covered strawberries all day Saturday). They represent, "Fruit of The, patience, long-suffering, etc. The Chocolate Charmers, originally named Love Defined Chocolates, represented the "true" meaning of Love as defined in the Bible. Yesterday, the Lord brought to my rememberance that I had initially created these products with Him in mind. However, somewhere down the road...that got lost. I have since restored the original vision for these products. Perhaps now I can market them in the spirit in which they were originally created!

As for The Coloring Book Oven...I've got 1,000 on the way! This is a must do! The house can't stand it - we'll have to live on the roof when they arrive! I took a HUGE leap of I've got to back it up with WORK - stay tuned!

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