Monday, September 13, 2010

One Creative Argument!

Well, I am finalizing my coloring book and have been practicing expressing where I got the inspiration from for when Martha invites me back, or Oprah, Ellen, ,Rachael, Wendy, etc. invites me on (wishful thinking!) or perhaps even from my own show. It goes something like this...

"We had been to Borders, the same one where I met Martha Stewart at her book signing, and Cliff was buying all these Writer's Digest Magazines which HE WASN'T GOING TO READ!! That has got to be a "pet peave" with me. He drives me crazy with it! He's always ordering, buying, subscribing, etc. to things he NEVER uses!!!!! He couldn't just buy ONE...NOOOOOOO he had to buy 3 or 4!!! We got into this BIG argument over money. He had taken me to this "very nice" restaurant and the argument carried on until we ALMOST didn't have dinner!!! I don't recall exactly how, but things simmered down and we had an enjoyable dinner, considering. While waiting for Cliff to finish (I inhale he savors), I began thumbing thru the Writer's Digest Magazine and discovered articles about book publishing and publishers. One thing led to another and the next thing I know I had designed the cover for my coloring book from a sheet of paper! I took that paper template (I hope I still have it somewhere) to my box company and had it designed! What could have been a disasterous night proved to be an evening of ispiration, creativity and the birth of a new idea! Thanks, honey - I love you!"

I hope to find those "original" Writer's Digests, still in the bag with the receipt - never read by "you know who?!?!?" I'll let you know when I'm on...stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday 2 Me!

Greetings from Maiah's Mom!
Well....I am another year older! Today, September 7th is my birthday and I vowed (after seeing the movie Julie/Julia a couple weeks ago) to BLOG everyday. Afterall...I have alot to BLOG about! I am crazy creative and always inventing SOMETHING! My latest creation is due to debut later this month at Metro Parent Magazine's 15th Annual Education Expo. It is my first time participating, and I am hoping for a successful outcome. Last year this time it was Chocolate Charmers...remember? With pink & brown tee-shirts? I have chocolate covered strawberry charms too! But I got bored with them!?!? That's my problem...I need a marketing & distribution team to get my products out before BOREDOM sets in and I've moved on to the next creation! I will be opening my official EBAY store soon, at the prompting of my wonderful hubby, Cliff who is constantly burning himself with my glue gun!?!? You would think after the 2nd or 3rd time he would realize that the glue gun is a "stationary" item on the kitchen counter ALWAYS plugged in and ready for use! Fortunately for him I ONLY use low-temperature guns so the pain is minimal! In any event, he thinks I am the best thing since sliced bread and wants to produce my tv show - I think I'll let him! Stay tuned! :-)