Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner!

The Coloring Book Oven has arrived! At least I am expecting it to!?!?! Not just ONE but a 1,000! I've stepped out on faith and finally committed to seriously market something "I" totally originated, designed and created (of course, with God's help). Don't ask, "why another oven, Cheryl?" I don't know. I got this thing about FOOD! One of my most memorable experiences as a child was coloring pictures of it! I liked to color. But pages with "edibles" would capture and engage me for hours! I was, The "Original" Coloring Cook!

My slogan is, "Coloring with a Cooking Twist. A Coloring Book for The Coloring Cook!" It comes in standard white (like most ovens did) but can be painted any color using washable paint and a sponge brush. It is approximately 15 1/4 by 12 1/2 inches, has a fold-out easel, a see-thru window, Velcro closures and coloring pad with 12 food illustrations. Children can select a page or draw and color their own pictures on any 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. Colored pages placed into the window appear to "bake" when displayed using the fold-out easel - How cool is that?

Although created with children in mind, The Coloring Book Oven is NOT just for kids! Coloring is a great stress reliever! Adults and teens too can benefit from it! Why not color up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies or a Submarine Sandwich for lunch? How 'bout a Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner? With a series of coloring pads soon to be available online at www.thecraftybuffet.com... the fun is endless!

Restaurant owners? Display your "specials" of the day in The Coloring Book Oven's window and have books available for customers to purchase (we have wholesale pricing available). Or use as an incentive to get customers in the door! I can think of numerous ways The Coloring Book Oven can be utilized to engage and entertain patrons of all ages! And it's MADE IN MICHIGAN!

I've designed my business cards to fold into an oven, my flyers are oven shaped, I have an Oven Costume with a "cooked" turkey hat and...an OVERSIZED Coloring Book Oven Prop for display (thanks to my good friends at Michigan Box, specifically Mary and Ryan). Am I serious or what?

I have no choice. The house can't stand it. If I don't market and sell these books we'll be living on the roof and the residents living inside will be oven kits, oven coloring books, big cat glasses, popcorn hats, chocolate charmers and ALL my MANY other crafts and inventions!?!?!? Wish me luck! And as always...stay tuned!

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