Monday, January 16, 2012

Quintessence...the Musical!

Want to be a part of something destined to be a classic for generations to come!
Quintessence...the Musical is a modern day Wizard of Oz with spiritual overtones and a delightful cast of characters! Can you imagine meeting Talent & Creativity in person? How about "I AM THOUGHT" and a "The Keeper" of memories? Amusing and thought-provoking, this creative masterpiece is the brainchild of my hubby, Cliff Robinson who just launched with Please help us obtain the funding necessary to allow Quintessence...the Musical to reach the heights it is capable of achieving. Pledge anywhere from a $1 to over $500 by clicking on the link below.

"More or Less"

I was inspired by the wording on a plaque purchased from T.J. MAXX. It was untitled but I named it, More or Less.
To honor MLK Day I wanted my students to work on something together. As such I provided each grade (1st thru 6th) with sentence strips and assigned them either a MORE or a LESS. Each student used their creativity to recreate the original piece. I mounted each class on foam board and took pictures give to each student along with their "individual" strip from the board.
The lesson plan was, "working together."
The project reflects individuality and unity.
I think they both came together nicely...!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sticky Note Burgers To Go?

Well my Sticky Note Burgers are official...they have a logo! What do you think? Designed it myself. They can be ordered pre-made or as a kit from my website . I'm working on offering them as workshops for Teacher Professional Development Days, Office Luncheons, Staff Meetings, Parent Involvement Activities, Team Building Exercises and more!
A unique & useful desktop accessory
that's fun and easy to make! Wish me luck! Better yet - schedule a workshop or order a burger or two to go! :-)