Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When was the last time you made something with your child(ren)?

The Cardboard Oven Mix Kit is so EASY to complete! Just like a boxed cake mix it has instructions on back and ingredients inside to make a toy oven that has knobs that turn, removeable racks and a light that turns on and off. Now newly improved with no cutting, hot gluing or painting required - it is the perfect project to make with your child.

The Crafty Buffet Oven Mix Kit has been entered into Walmarts "Get On The Shelf Contest." Vote for us starting March 7th at: Voting begins March 7, 2012.

In the meantime, order yours today at

Monday, February 27, 2012

"I like that. Sign one of those for me." Martha Stewart referring to The Crafty Buffet Coloring Book.

In February '09 I appeared on The Martha Stewart Show for creating a cardboard oven kit that included a coloring book. After the taping Martha asked for a signed copy of the book. She said, "I like that. Sign one of those for me." Apparently Martha's viewers shared her sentiment as numerous online orders for it alone poured in after the show. Subsequent to that my husband and I were dining out. While awaiting our meals and tinkering with my placemat an "ah ha" moment arrived. Why not make the coloring book into an oven? So I did. I took that paper placemat to my box company and "ta da" The Coloring Book Oven was born!


The Coloring Book Oven is more than a book. It is an eco-friendly stove shaped easel with a coloring activity pad. Pages placed into the window appear to "bake" when displayed using the oven's fold-out easel! Most coloring pages remain hidden inside their respective books. But the Coloring Book Oven allows children to display their coloring prowess. Made from corrugated cardboard and approximately 12.5 by 15.5, The Coloring Book Oven is a "spin-off" from the Crafty Buffet Oven Kit seen on Martha Stewart (FEB '09).

The Coloring Book Oven will delight youngsters of all ages! For added fun, additional coloring activity pads will soon be available. The Coloring Book Oven has a retail value of $12.95 and is available on the website for an introductory price of only $10.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back In The Studio

Well I'm back cooking again! Not in the "real" sense as in cooking food. But in cooking up commericals to promote my cardboard box oven kits. My sweetheart of a hubby was the camera man and I was the Host. The Set was my kitchen with a "self-made" island made from foam board. The props are actual ovens I made, one straight out of the box, 1 pink zebra/tiger print, one Black and one "BLING Bling!" It was done in one take as we have yet to figure out how to EDIT?!?! The photo is of Maiah using it as a "floorside" vanity!I am looking to enter it into an upcoming contest and hoping YOU will vote for me - stay tuned!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anything for Him?

Heartfelt lyrics express willingness and desire to seek and do God's plan. Produced by "the love of my life, Cliff Robinson." Written and performed by his good friends, George Chenault and Bobby Dixon, respectively. Anything for You is from the musical, Quintessence.
Enjoy the demo below...