Saturday, November 14, 2009

MJ Bagged

I loved Michael Jackson as a child, teenager, young adult and even moreso now since his passing. I realize just how"special" he was. Lately, I've been carrying him around. This Collector's addition handbag is soon to be available at The Crafty Buffet! It's a faux leather shoulder bag with various pictures of Michael throughout his career. A "must-have" for the true MJ Fan! Look for it, and other variations, at Makes an AWESOME gift for anyone who loves him!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I carried my Michael Jackson purse to class on Tuesday. When I showed it to my K-3rd grade students they surprisingly applauded! It was priceless! Totally unrehearsed and unexpected! Also this week, I was pleasently surprised at my Wednesday class. When I entered the classroom, my K-2nd students began applauding! Bless their little hearts! They are truely "gifts" from God...!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's In The Box!

Ta da! The packaging is finished! This is what you will see in the stores (when they get there!) The concept is to have it look like a box of cake mix with ingredients inside and directions on back to complete! And with a pre-cut window, pre-punched holes and slide in slots -it's a cinch to put together!

No need to paint either! This version comes in standard white! However if you choose to paint, it covers very nicely! Now I need only to dust off my marketing shoes and get to marketing! Stay tuned...!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cake Mix vs Oven Mix? What a Concept!

Been working for the past few days on a packaging concept for the oven kits. I see them packaged as an "oversized box of cake mix with all the ingredients inside to make a cardboard oven that lights up, has dials that turn and removeable racks!" Even the directions will be on the box back just like with the cake mix! I think it's a COOL concept with great marketing potential (I hope others will see it too!) Also, the kit is new
and improved! The oven window is pre-cut, the back range self-attaches and it no longer "requires" painting (comes in white) - now even more - s of a cinch to put together! This is just the first draft - stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Now That's Sweet!

Well…yesterday was my birthday and I had a great day! Cliff did
everything I wanted without complaint – a priceless gift! Spent
the afternoon at the Hamtramck and Jazz Festival. Wore my latest
creation, The Chocolate Charm with my marketing tee,
“ How Sweet Is That “ and WOW - I received so many positive responses! One individual wanted to buy the one I was wearing right off my neck!! It’s such a great feeling to create something from your hands and have people want it! I plan to have the chocolates and tee-shirts (s-xl) available at by the end of september '09 - just in time for Sweetest Day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Hool So Ever Will Studios"

I forgot to
mention I created
"Hool So Ever Will
Studios" on
my kitchen counter this summer! Hool is my grandfather's name. The..."so ever will" is a verse from the Bible. I inherited my grandfather's home when he passed away and it is there where I shoot The Crafty Buffet Show and the How To DVDs. The pictures above are the version on my kitchen even has a miniature Crafty Buffet Oven and "me" on the set! Gotta start somewhere - stay tuned!

Where did the summer go?

Wow! It has been months since I last blogged. I think it was spring?

My segment with Martha re-aired on 8/21 which brought interest from an individual looking to open a speciality toy store in Jersey ...sounds exciting - keep your fingers (and toes!) crossed! I love watching Shark Tank? Sent my ovens in but...think they would literally "eat me and my ovens ALIVE on that show! Did you see the woman who's business was all about "happiness?" They swallowed (sp?) her whole! I wanted the umbrella...I thought it was a nice concept, oh well. As for being creative...

I've designed an item for "our" number 1 baseball team - Go Tigers! I call them, Tiger Paw Scrathers (at least that was the last name!?!)! I got the inspiration from a pair of slippers designed like tiger paws I picked up from a closeout store. Just like the "ovens," the backscratchers "started to look like paws to me - so I created them! Last year I made Tiger Hearts! Where on earth can you find a Tiger Heart? Only at The Crafty Buffet! They're orange with stripes and they light up and flash - if only I could get them in the Stadium????

As for my dream of having my own tv show? Well, the following is from a stranger who saw me on Martha on 8/21. Her kind words below are inspiring...

"While I was multitasking with the school and watching Martha, I was pleasantly surprised!

Have you ever seen someone on TV that just makes you smile? Just a regular person, not a "star", although she should be! Well, I did! She was on Martha the other day making the cutest craft goodie. I just had to go to her website, then find out if she had a blog. I wrote her a little note and she wrote back, what a sweetheart! She does blog, WOOHOO!

If I had to vote for someone to have their own TV show, Cheryl would be right up there with the Queen Alicia Paulson and the Goddess Laura. I wrote this prior to reading The Crafty Buffet bio, only to find out her goal is her own show! Where is that petition?"

How nice is that? At least I know "one" person who'll tune in! :-)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Burgers, Daisys and Moms - oh my!

A few photos from the workshop with the Girl Scouts Daisy Troop in Northville, Michigan.

The Crafty Buffet makes Notebook Burgers with Girl Scout Daisy Troop in Northville, MI.

I had the
to make
with fifteen,
1st graders
in Northville
this past Tuesday! Bubbling with enthusiasm, the girls eagerly obtained supplies from The Crafty Buffets' inflatable salad bar then built their "own" burger complete with eyes and "painted on" mustard and ketchup! We had burgers with pink eyes, blue eyes, white eyes, yellow eyes and "no" eyes! The girls packaged their project in the provided foam container which came with a pattern for making "french fry" notes and a complimentary pencil.
What a great time we had - even the moms were amused! Kits and instructions are available at Just go to the products page and scroll down to make your selections.

The Crafty Buffet is available for your upcoming event! We can either come to your location or provide kits and instructions for you to have your own "Crafty Buffet" experience!
We make burgers, sundaes, milkshakes, popcorn, cotton candy, gumball machines, etc. (all faux - of course!) Each Crafty Buffet menu item, although nice to look at, generally serves a purpose as well (i.e. the burgers have sticky notepads inside for jotting down notes, the popcorn is a safe for keeping valuables and the gumball machine makes for the ultimate - treat bucket!)

Our next scheduled event is on Friday, May 1st. We will be "mixing up"Stationary Shakes" with thirty elementary students from Oak Park, MI @ Fuddruckers! Stay tuned...

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Crafty Buffet "grills-up" Field Trip Concept with Fuddruckers!

Crafty Buffet owner Cheryl Robinson has "cooked up" an innovative field trip concept for local schools, organizations, camps, etc.. The Make & Take Burger or Shake Field Trip @ Fuddruckers combines an activity, lunch and souvenir all into one! Upon arrival students get supplies to make either a a Notebook Burger or Stationary Shake. After completing, they dine-in with their classmates and afterwards, pick-up their take-out order (project) to take home!
What better way to spend an afternoon?

Pricing starts at $12 per participant for ages 12 and under and $15 per participant for ages over 12 to adult.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Crafty Buffet Beyond Martha Stewart's been two months since my appearance on the Martha Stewart Show. Crafty Buffet Oven Kit sales are still trickling in and a new item, Cheeseburger Notebooks have been added to The Crafty Buffet website. If you are looking for an activity for summer birthday parties, camp-outs, cook-outs or just plain old "pig-outs" I've grilled up a good one! These "delicious-looking" faux burgers not only look like the real thing - but have function too! Adults and children alike will delight in making them! Complete with a foam display container and topped with or without eyes these adoring burgers make for a great group activity! I'll send you the kit for $19.95 (plus s&h), or you can gather your own supplies and get the receipe for $10 (plus s&h).