Friday, October 22, 2010

Are they done yet?

It has been an adventure (to say the least) with my most recent creation, The Coloring Book Oven. You may recall about a week ago I posted, "A Sticky Situation" wherein the initial books, all 737 of them arrived glued shut!

Since that time, I have returned another 950 due to poor print quality and the most recent delivery (today), was retuned for lopsided artwork and smudges!!!

Through-out it all..I remain faithful that, "they'll get it right!"

The Coloring Book Oven comes in white but can be painted using watercolor paint and a sponge brush. (see photo). It has a fold-out easel for displaying and comes with a 12 sheet Illustration Pad. The original illustrations (shown) are by John Rios who was gracious enough to illustrate the coloring book for The Crafty Buffet Oven. He and his wife Mary designed The Crafty Buffet Website and Brand. I am forever grateful to them both. The 2nd illustration Pad (not shown), created by my good friend and gifted Artist, Opoku Ofei, captures children interacting with food! I will post illustrations soon. The Coloring Book Oven is available at

As for now, I'm hoping the "ovens are done" in time for...Thanksgiving!
Keep your fingers crossed and STAY TUNED..!

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