Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crafty Buffet "Sticky Note Burgers" to appear in B.L.A.C. Magazine December Holiday Issue

I received a call this week from an editor for B.L.A.C. (Black Life Arts & Culture Detroit) Magazine who was looking for something unique to include in their December Holiday Issue. Apparently she had ran across my Sticky Note Burgers (formerly Hamburger Notebooks) on my website - . Wow! A Magazine publication wanted to advertise a product of mine? For free???? How cool is that?
You just never know where or when the seeds you plant are going to sprout. The Sticky Note Burgers, much like the cardboard box oven that got me on Martha Stewart, were created years ago. They re-surfaced in 2009 when a writer from The Detroit News saw them (loved them!) and wanted to feature them in her column. Here I was working (2011) on marketing The Coloring Book Ovens and seeking to re-designed the cardboard stove kit?!?!?

Sticky Note Burgers are (just as their name implies) burgers that hold post-it notes. A delightful desktop accessory and whimsical conversation piece that I plan to offer as a Workshop to inspire creativity and teamwork in the workplace.

Sticky Note Burgers are offered as a single kit at . The website will be updated to include Pre-Made (in case you don't want to make it!),Workshops and Wholesale Group Kits. Stay tuned...and don't forget to look for "Sticky Note Burgers" in the December Issue of B.L.A.C. Detroit!