Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now That's Entertainment!

My 2nd through 5th grade students got a thrill making these "add a voice" studio headphones!
I came up with the idea after viewing We Are The World the 25th Anniversary Video of The Story Behind The Song. In the video, everyone wore headphones. So to create realism and get their "buy in" to learn the song - we would have headphones too! The only difference...we would make ours!
A few simple ingredients made them a cinch to make and you would have thought I purchased each child their very own "working" headphones! It was Over The Top!
I cranked up my portable Bose and we pretended to be in the studio re-creating the music video! It was a priceless experience! Look for these and other creative ideas in my book, Random Acts of Creativity coming soon! Stay tuned...

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