Friday, January 7, 2011

Looking for something NEW TO DO in 2011?

Have a murder mystery dinner party and invite guests over to watch Ellery Queen!

Remember it from the 70's? It was a WHODUNNIT series with Tim Hutton. I did not watch it back then...heck I was a teenager! But I love it now and Maiah does too! It was my Christmas gift to myself. I discovered it on Amazon and ordered a copy. We watched a portion of the first episode this AM and can't wait to finish it later today!

Ellery, (Tim Hutton) brings you into the action by looking directly into the camera and asking if "you" know who is the murderer before he tells you how he solved it. And what a "cutie pie" Tim Hutton is! I was sad to learn he died at the young age of 45.

If you like lighthearted "figure it out" mysteries without the sex, violence and commercials of today get this series!

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