Sunday, December 5, 2010

The perfect Gift for The MJ Fan

I ran across this MJ bag and thought, "These are hot!" I loved and still do love Michael Jackson. Although I must admit my admiration goes back to my childhood, when he was my idol and the lead singer of the Jackson 5. That admiration carried on into my first year of college when the Off The Wall single "I want to rock with you" hit the airwaves! Was he sexy or what???

As a young adult and into adulthood I enjoyed his music but rarely bought any. No offense to Michael, I didn't buy music period and rarely listened to the radio. Now that he's passed away, it seems I can't get enough of any item that reflects him. These bags are $20. I have a "one of a kind" that came from New York that is taupe in color for$65. Well, it's not exactly "one of a kind" because I have two but believe won't find it anywhere else. If you'd like to see it look up MJ Bagged on a previous post - it's HOT!

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