Monday, July 26, 2010

When was the last time you made something with your child or grandchild?

Well...when WAS the last time?
I've decided to take The Crafty Buffet Oven Kits on the Mommie & Me, Daddy & Me, Grandma & Me. Grandpa & Me circuit - offering Parent and Child "Make & Take" Workshops!
Available at your location or mine - just think of the delight parent and youngsters alike will feel walking out with a toy you both made together!
And what a toy it is!
With a light, knobs that turn, removeable racks and window for displaying coloring pages of food...the fun is endless! I can just see the happy, smiling and proud faces eagar to say, "look what mommie/daddy/grandma/grandpa and me made! It makes for a memorable experience that won't soon be forgotten.
Well...enough said. It's time to start moving.
I'd like to offer the first workshop just in time
for Thanksgiving dinner! Stay...tuned!

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