Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where did the summer go?

Wow! It has been months since I last blogged. I think it was spring?

My segment with Martha re-aired on 8/21 which brought interest from an individual looking to open a speciality toy store in Jersey ...sounds exciting - keep your fingers (and toes!) crossed! I love watching Shark Tank? Sent my ovens in but...think they would literally "eat me and my ovens ALIVE on that show! Did you see the woman who's business was all about "happiness?" They swallowed (sp?) her whole! I wanted the umbrella...I thought it was a nice concept, oh well. As for being creative...

I've designed an item for "our" number 1 baseball team - Go Tigers! I call them, Tiger Paw Scrathers (at least that was the last name!?!)! I got the inspiration from a pair of slippers designed like tiger paws I picked up from a closeout store. Just like the "ovens," the backscratchers "started to look like paws to me - so I created them! Last year I made Tiger Hearts! Where on earth can you find a Tiger Heart? Only at The Crafty Buffet! They're orange with stripes and they light up and flash - if only I could get them in the Stadium????

As for my dream of having my own tv show? Well, the following is from a stranger who saw me on Martha on 8/21. Her kind words below are inspiring...

"While I was multitasking with the school and watching Martha, I was pleasantly surprised!

Have you ever seen someone on TV that just makes you smile? Just a regular person, not a "star", although she should be! Well, I did! She was on Martha the other day making the cutest craft goodie. I just had to go to her website, then find out if she had a blog. I wrote her a little note and she wrote back, what a sweetheart! She does blog, WOOHOO!

If I had to vote for someone to have their own TV show, Cheryl would be right up there with the Queen Alicia Paulson and the Goddess Laura. I wrote this prior to reading The Crafty Buffet bio, only to find out her goal is her own show! Where is that petition?"

How nice is that? At least I know "one" person who'll tune in! :-)

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