Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Crafty Buffet makes Notebook Burgers with Girl Scout Daisy Troop in Northville, MI.

I had the
to make
with fifteen,
1st graders
in Northville
this past Tuesday! Bubbling with enthusiasm, the girls eagerly obtained supplies from The Crafty Buffets' inflatable salad bar then built their "own" burger complete with eyes and "painted on" mustard and ketchup! We had burgers with pink eyes, blue eyes, white eyes, yellow eyes and "no" eyes! The girls packaged their project in the provided foam container which came with a pattern for making "french fry" notes and a complimentary pencil.
What a great time we had - even the moms were amused! Kits and instructions are available at Just go to the products page and scroll down to make your selections.

The Crafty Buffet is available for your upcoming event! We can either come to your location or provide kits and instructions for you to have your own "Crafty Buffet" experience!
We make burgers, sundaes, milkshakes, popcorn, cotton candy, gumball machines, etc. (all faux - of course!) Each Crafty Buffet menu item, although nice to look at, generally serves a purpose as well (i.e. the burgers have sticky notepads inside for jotting down notes, the popcorn is a safe for keeping valuables and the gumball machine makes for the ultimate - treat bucket!)

Our next scheduled event is on Friday, May 1st. We will be "mixing up"Stationary Shakes" with thirty elementary students from Oak Park, MI @ Fuddruckers! Stay tuned...

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