Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A recommendation with EYEPOPPING results!

My 2nd and 3rd grade students did a great job on these visors I picked up from Michaels.  They were told to color them anyway they liked, meaning not necessarily "true to life."  The monkey did not  have to be brown and the elephant did not have to be grey and so on. The students commenced to completing their projects.  Ms. Henning, the students art & science teacher was busy working after hours (as she often is) in the classroom with us.  It is in her classroom where I am assigned and I could not ask for a better room or teacher!  I am amazed at the students art achievements under Ms. Henning's direction.  She exposes them to a number of techniques and mediums.  In fact it was her recommendation today that made these visors literally POP with color!  Prior to leaving for the evening, Ms. Henning pulled me aside.  She had an idea?  She suggested I use a fixative normally used for chalk to keep the markers from bleeding.   Although uncertain as to how it would work on foam, she "graciously" left the can for me to try.  It worked F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S-L-Y!  "They look so real"  said one of the students!  "Mrs. Robinson...can you do mine?" the other students asked excitedly!  One by one I sprayed the visors in Ms. Hennings storage closet while the students anxiously waited in the classroom.  What was to be an average project (at best) turned out to be a prized possession!  Thank you Ms. Henning!

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