Friday, February 25, 2011

"In The Midst of A Storm..."

On February 5 we awoke to water flowing from the bathroom into our bedrooms downward from the ceiling into the kitchen, living, dining rooms and basement soaking everything in sight! Needless to say I have not been creating since! Moving would be the more appropriate "word" after the insurance company deemed it necessary for us to re-locate until our home could be repaired (which by the way, could take anywhere from 6-8 weeks!) That week alone we moved on four different ocassions before finally finding suitable permanent housing 2 weeks ago.

But in the midst of the storm...

I had an upcoming presentation on creativity to give at a K-8 school. While exhausted and feeling displaced, the thought of cancelling was not an option even though it had graciously been extended. That morning I mustered up a few crafts, put on my oven costume and hoped for the best. The program ran non-stop from 9-3 with droves of classes coming to hear what I had to say. At the end of the day both students and teachers appeared to have enjoyed the presentation! I was relieved and elated. It had been a pleasant end to a stressful week. But the "true" highlight of the day appeared in my inbox later that evening from a 2nd grader who had attended the presentation. It read as follows...

Hello Mrs Robinson,

I am Box Man. I listened to you and used my imagination.

Thank you for coming to our school.

John Webster
2nd Grade, 2A

Born from the imagination of a 2nd grader who listened! I can see "Box Man" as a cartoon on cereal boxes or in The Adventures of Box Man, an animated series. Afterall, Mickey Mouse was born from imagination?????


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