Sunday, November 7, 2010

"If I only had a...???"

I vowed after watching the movie Julia & Julia to Blog everyday. Afterall, I generally create or discover something cute to create everyday and I have tons of original ideas to share. The problem is TIME!!! Remember the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz?
He sang, "...if I only had a brain." My lyrics would be, "...if I only had a Maid? A Cook? More time?

This week I plan to remove "every inch" of craft items from our living quarters. I'm tired of Cliff tripping over stuff! It's amazing how Maiah and I never trip. We "remember!" But not Dad...he trips over the same stuff in the
SAME PLACE! You would think...he would remember?!?!?

In any event, I am getting stuff up and out. I have a wonderful idea for turning "cinderella's" glass slipper into a "leather look" pump and glow bracelets into mini wreaths that "light-up!" I also have an idea from an American Girl book for creating a "mini "cake that I think is "too" cute! My holiday candles from cardboard tubes are a big hit too! Stay tuned...I'll show you how to make these simple yet appealing crafts in an upcoming post! Thanks for tuning in...!
ps the picture is of one of my students proudly displaying his wreath project from last year...isn't he adorable? Just thought I'd share him...!

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