Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old News...just posted!'s a new year and I can't believe I'm just now updating my Blog! Sold (4) Crafty Buffet Oven Kits this week (yippee!)

Working on another creative and exciting project (at least I think so) to be added to the website. It is in the "prelimenary" stages i.e at the printers. I hope to get the cost(s) for production later this week.

Also, The Crafty Buffet Oven Kit is new and improved! It noew comes in white (no need to paint), with a pre-cut window, pre-punched range and slots for oven racks - it's a "cinch" to put together! Hopefully Martha will have me back on her show to demonstrate???? Or maybe Rachael? Ellen? Oprah? (smile).

Let's see...what else? Well it's almost Opening Day at Comerica Park. I have no new creations as of yet but I ran across an "awesome" product that should be "hot" for the season! It is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! And I mean that "literally!" It's a message Fan for the Detroit Tigers. I will try to post a pic later this week. If I don't sell out...I'll be surprised!

Uhm...what else...??? Oh, I am now teaching Character (i.e trustworthiness, diligence, responsibility, etc.) and I LOVE it! The children are embacing it! The ages are K-5th. I'm liking it better than the Arts & Crafts...can you believe that? Well...better go now and do some paperwork I really NEED to do!!! Tomorrow is the start of a NEW 11 week session and I've yet to develop my curriculum?!?! Will keep you posted...!

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